TEA & TABLE x HOTEL SILVER exclusive collection

TEA & TABLE x HOTEL SILVER exclusive collection

Hotel Silver was my love at first sight. 

The day I started working at Bergdorf Goodman’s luxury Decorative Home department, it was one of the first lines that I got introduced to.

Everything from the finest linens to carved marble bookends to designer furniture was exclusive and had top-notch quality — and I loved that.

But as soon as I saw the display of Hotel Silver, it had an amazing effect on me.

Besides being sparkly and polished (tell me what girl doesn’t love sparkles?!), it also radiated a warmth that you wouldn’t expect from a metal subject – it was the signature heft of the nickel-base paired with the triple-plated silver.

These two ingredients were the recipe for success, lasting for decades and withstanding constant use in deluxe hotels, restaurants, shipping and train lines.

 I got so curious about the story behind the brand and the product that I read everything I could possibly find about it on the internet.

I realized that iconic brands, designers and celebrity names like Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart, Ina Garden and Reese Witherspoon are fans of Hotel Silver and have collaborated with this brand to make their own collections based on those classic and timelessly elegant shapes.

Moreover, the steady request for a memorable and sophisticated hostessing or anniversary gift, especially for weddings and Christmas, completely won me over as a lifelong devotee. 

Therefore, I think it’s no surprise that when I decided to launch my new tabletop and pillow collection, the Hotel Silver teapot and cake stand were my dream companions for the collaboration. 

Hotel Silver & Tea and Table NY collaboration

Hilary Allinson now leads the company founded by her mother, Ginger Kilbane, in 1988.

Ginger admired the European hotel silver since the early 1960s, after her first work trips to Italy, covering fashion collections.

I met Hilary at Bergdorf Goodman when she brought the new stock to replenish the display that was quickly selling out and told her how much I loved her product.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Here are some of my personal tips to start your own Hotel Silver collection

Just as every good, qualitative collection is usually acquired over time, you can start with just one piece that you truly love.

• Remember to look for your own entertaining preferences: are you an avid tea drinker, or can you not live without your morning coffee? Then either a gorgeous teapot or a tall and slim coffee pot would be the perfect starting point. But if any of these beverages leaves you cold, then an elegant toast rack may be the perfect solution and can be used just as well as a cardholder on your desk.

 Mix and match hollowware, serving ware, and other pieces that have markings from different hotels. Look for pieces with unique shapes, raised crests, monograms, or other markings. These design details authenticate and individualize the pieces, adding to their visual appeal. 

The “collected” feel adds interest to the table setting, and all your guests will love to hear the story.

Don’t limit collections to a specific time or era or even the geographic location of the hotel. Age is of lesser importance than quality when judging silver. The same rule works for every product you buy but is especially true for the fine silver – buy less, buy better. 

To purchase and view the entire collection of Hotel Silver, please visit: https://www.hotelsilverltd.com/ or get in touch with me.

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