Interior Visualization Vs. 3D Rendering

Over the past few years, 3D rendering has become incredibly popular. It is quite simple to choose a sofa from the stock image libraries. After all, it is an easy way to visualize a home’s potential, especially for contemporary and modern designs.


So, what’s the problem?  

If you are looking for:



•sophisticated charm

Using 3D software is not the way to go. Why?

Well, how can you visualize your great-great-grandmother’s chaise lounge or an antique china cabinet you saw while passing a shop window the other day using 3D rendering?

The answer is simple. You can’t. 

Software programs utilize a limited library of already created furniture and decor to create the 3D image.  

While it creates a photo-realistic look, these renderings entirely lack all character and individuality of your special pieces.  

Various factors, like 


•marks and fading of age

•true colors and patterns of your beautiful pieces are completely lost when using these programs. 

What is the solution?

Hand-drawn renderings, of course!


Why do you need Interior Visualization?

As a designer, you can already easily visualize your interior decor plan in your mind. But your client, perhaps less experienced in interior decorating, may not have these same visuals come to them so easily. Your client may not “see” how mustard-yellow roses will perfectly complement the celadon silk and gray linens you have put together. 

 In this case, a picture can truly speak a thousand words and bring peace and understanding to both you and your client.

Does this sound familiar?

•You are working on a current presentation and pulling scheme after scheme for an uncertain client

•You are wishing they could see the room through your eyes and understand your unique concept better

•You have tried working with a 3D visualization firm, finding they can only provide you with modern stock images that don't impress your discerning clients — or you, for that matter


But what makes the hand-drawn renderings so special for your client?

Creating a HOME, a place of sanctuary, comfort and luxury, has become the biggest trend in the residential sector. Following the pandemic, people realized the importance of having a safe and comfortable home where they could find refuge. 


Now, we are turning back to more traditional home decor roots, seeking out homes with soul and unique character.

 It helps you to stand out amongst your colleagues and impress your discerning client by showing personalized care and thoughtfulness while speeding up their decision process.

The hand-drawn interior renderings are the most effective way to convey the atmosphere you strive to create for the client.

And to sweeten the pot, a presentation shown as artwork is both personal and touching. You will be a designer all-star in your client’s eyes!

The Process:

What do I need from you? 

•A floor plan

•an elevation

•an item list (sent via e-mail) 

Please provide a brief description of the preferred placement of the pieces and the color palette, as well!

First, I will send you a black and white version. Once you have approved it, you will have the final, colorized version of your personal sketch in a high-resolution file within 2-3 days, ready to be printed for your presentation!

What’s more, because I use my iPad to draw personalized visualization sketches, it is quite simple to change room and decor elements. This saves you both time and money!

Starting at $250.

Please contact me to discuss any details regarding your project.

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