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TEA & TABLE New York

TEA & TABLE NY Limited Edition Candle “Christmas Traditions”

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Created to encapsulate all your most cherished memories of a traditional Christmas,
Christmas Traditions is an exclusive, small batch candle created alongside a professional
perfumer and chandler.

The natural soy candle features delicately sweet candied orange notes, balanced by clove,
nutmeg and cinnamon essential oils. These traditional spices add warmth and comfort,
whilst the scent slowly mellows to include a dash of pine - enriching your home with the
perfect, festive aroma.

Packaged in a delightful lustre finish glass, Christmas Traditions’ 19th century look, scent
and feel make it a grand addition to any festive tablescape. Warm, sweet, refreshing and
intrinsically festive - Christmas Traditions is your go-to candle this yule.

Primary Notes:
Candied Orange, Clove, Nutmeg

Secondary Notes:
Cinnamon, Pine, Amber and Fir

● 14 oz natural soy wax
● Natural fragrance and essential oils
● 90 hour burn time
● Cotton wick